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Pharos Project 92: Pits a Wonderful Life

This could be tricky. Thanks to our big sister (whether she likes it or not) Nancy from The Happiness Patrol, the intrepid Projecteers had to watch "The Creature From the Pit". Anyone who has seen this story knows that it's choc a block with dodgy sexual innuendo that, in our hands, could mean a gigantic leap in filth levels to rival the unreleased Chocolate Turkey Special. Combine this, with the absence of Mr Chris and this episode could have gone to a very dark place, very quickly. We hope that we held back enough, so as not to warp anyone or cause any excessive bleeding from the ears. So, it's with hopes that this only results in the bare minimum of blood loss, we present to you our review of what can only be described as a true cock and bull story.

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