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Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.

Miss Natalie joins us as we talk about "Attack the Block"

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In the Cursed Earth where the mutants dwell, there is no law just a living hell. Anyway, enough about Norfolk. On this episode we talk about "Dredd". Also, some bloke cuts the grass.



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All aboard the 2:21 from Pharos Towers! Please be sure to keep your belongings with you at all times and try not to feed the wolfmen. This episode, we look at 2015's "Howl".

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The apocalypse is upon us as giant monsters rise from the depths to crush our cities. Our only hope is to create giant robots to beat them off. No, not one of Pete's "special films", but Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim".

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"At the end of March 2018, the Projecteers returned to talk all things Mad Max Fury Road. Nobody knew where they came from or where they went afterwards, but the smell lingered for weeks". - The First History Man

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This week. We almost catch up with series 10 as we review Empress of Mars and The Eaters of Light.


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This week. Bill enjoys a cup of piping hot steam with her mum, Nodule becomes increasingly superfluous and the Doctor gets fake shot up his sparkle bracket. It's our review of "The Lie of the Land".

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This week. Nardole gets something nasty up him, Bill is once again cock blocked and The Doctor is confounded by a Fisher Price toy. It's our review of "The Pyramid at the End of the World".

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This week. Nardole sticks his hand somewhere he really shouldn't, Bill gets cock blocked by the pontiff and the Doctor considers a subscription to Audible.

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This week. One of Bill's costumes finally tries to kill her, Nardole lets slip that he copped off with the short one from Scooby-Doo and the Doctor is blinded by the requirements of the next episode. Take a deep breath, it's our review of "Oxygen".

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