Doctor Who: The Pharos Project Podcast
Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.
Pharos Project 81: Naturally Occurring Baubles

It's time for the annual Christmas party at Pharos Towers, so we thought we might as well review this year's festive episode of Doctor Who while we're at it. A slightly more alcohol fuelled show than usual, including cracker pulling, present giving, podcast charades and firing party poppers at a ukulele.

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Pharos Project 80: Keeping up with the Prydonians

This week, the Projecteers cast a critical eye on "The Keeper of Traken", as selected from Manilow's bag by Mr Steven Schapansky (, listen and buy stuff from the store because we're hoping to be put on commission). Also, Invisible Pete makes a welcome return, with a special Christmas message.

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Pharos Project 79: Guys and Dolls

It's the final part of our Star Wars trilogy. In this episode, we focus on possibly the best thing to ever come from the Star Wars films. The toys. Featuring contributions from Nancy from The Happiness Patrol, Phill from Who's He Podcast and an interview with Shane Turgeon by Radio Free Skaro's own Steven Schapansky.

Twitter: @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta @PharosProject


Facebook: The Pharos Project group page (special offer, join now and we will personally insult you for free).

Our Guests,

@twillian @Whos_He_Podcast @Legopolis

Steven's Falcon raising photo series:

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Pharos Project 78: Bantha Poodoo

In part two of our very own Star Wars Trilogy, the Projecteers brave the Great Pit of Carkoon. Well, watching the prequels again does at points resemble being slowly digested over a 1000 years. No Star Wars music this week, instead the tracks featured combine to form a coded message to George Lucas. See if you can decipher it's complex meaning!

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Pharos Project 77: Scruffy Looking Nerf Herder

This week, we take the TARDIS back to 1977. In the first of three Star Wars episodes, the Projecteers are joined by Other Chris from The Eleventh Hour Podcast as they examine the original Star Wars Trilogy. May the force be with you........ always.

The audio quality isn't up to our usual standard, as it was recorded using Mr Chris' computer and on a version of Garageband seemingly written in 1977. Also, it's a bit long this week. We ramble on for our normal length, but the extra time is given over to audio contributions from other podcasters and our listener.

Twitter: @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta @cjjc @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

Facebook: The Pharos Project Group Page (come do joins).


The 11th Hour Podcast:

WTF are you watching:

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Pharos Project 76: My Fair Ladylike

Hey kids, it's the whonniversary! Let's celebrate the 48th birthday of Doctor Who, by watching the last classic story filmed before it got cancelled.This week, we take on the notorious mind bender that is "Ghost Light". Stay tuned after the review for a special message from Lil"Pete. 

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Facebook: The lovely Pharos Project group page (join now, and help us spread the word about crap toys and Forbidden Planet's pricing policies).


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Pharos Project 75: A Shot in the Quark

Previously on The Pharos Project, Pete selected a story from Barry Manilow's bag, and so it follows, that the Projecteers review "The Dominators".

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Pharos Project 74: When Harry Met Clammy

In a move that shocked us all, last week Pete drew a good 'un from Manilow's bag. So, we present our review of "Genesis of the Daleks". 

Twitter: @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta @PharosProject

Friendface :The Sparkly Pharos Project group page.


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Pharos Project 73: Halloween Special 2. The Glory Hole

It's not what you think! The cupboard under the stairs (or glory hole) is where we find ourselves this week, as we look at the BBC's landmark drama "Ghostwatch". First broadcast on Halloween 1992, it took the form of a fictionalised live paranormal investigation, that gradually descends into choas. Culminating in the ghost of Raymond "Pipes" Tunstall spreading his influence out over the TV network, and into the living rooms of the terrified viewers. 

Twitter: @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta @PharosProject

Facebook: The Pharos Project Group Page. Join us, or we'll send Eduardo round to bang on your pipes,


Happy Halloween!

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Pharos Project 72: The Plastic Sausage Awards

The Projecteers have shrugged off the terrible lurgee that has dogged them for the last few weeks and have united once more. This week we bring you, more overpriced plastic tat news, we answer SFX magazine's 15 unanswered questions left by series 6 and dish out the 2011 Eduardos.

Twitter: @Doctor_Vendetta @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @natalien @PharosProject

Facebook: The Pharos Project group page. It's nice, please join.


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Pharos Project 71: Once More, Unto the Beach

The cold, clammy hand of disease has descended upon Pharos Towers, and knocked the projecteer's alcohol weakened bodies for six. Luckily, Mr Paul had been doing chattings with some colonists, and the recordings have survived the bite of viral infection.

Twitter: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @beastmasterpete @KungFuYoda @PharosProject.


Facebook: (probably).

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Pharos Project 70: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more. It's series finale time again, and the poor old Doctor's all set to pop his clogs. Will he really escape death at the hand of a damp astronaut, or will it go all potions and lipstick? Join projecteers 2 and 3 as they review "The Wedding of River Song".

Twitter: @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta


Facebook: The Pharos Project Group Page

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, without whom, none of this would be possible.

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Pharos Project 69: Are You Being Assimilated?

This week, the Projecteers are joined by Martyn from The Bad Wiff Podcast, as they struggle to find something to say about "Closing Time". Also (to pad out time) they discuss the current state of the BBC, action figure news and the marketing genius of semi-popular hand puppet Sooty.

Twats: @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject @Martyn_Havell

Friendface: The Pharos Project Group Page (it"s shiny).


The Bad Wilf (yes, Wilf) podcast can be found at or on iTunes.

Martyn Havell can be found round the back by the bins, KFC, Chipping Norton (Mon-Sat excluding Bank Holidays).

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Pharos Project 68: Minotaurity Report

The God Complex, the last episode of Torchwood, Top of the Cocks and an interesting phone call. All these things and much, much less await you in this week's bumper episode.

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

FriendFace: The Pharos Project group page or Pharos Projec


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Pharos Project 67: Do Hand Droids Dream of Geriatric Sleep?

This week, the projecteers get stuck in to this year's (not so) Doctor lite episode "The Girl Who Waited", and episode 9 of Torchwood "The Gathering". Also included are the usual spattering of news, pathetic nob gags and general drunken shenanigans.

Twits: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @beastmasterpete @KungFuYoda @PharosProject

Facebook: The Pharos Project group page


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Pharos Project 66: The Prydon, the Titch and the Wardrobe

This week the Projecteers look at "Night Terrors". Also, we have a couple of interviews for you. Production designer Tristan Peatfield pops our cherry, followed by Nyssa herself, the brilliant Sarah Sutton.

Twitter: @KungFuYoda @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

Facebook: Pharos Projec or the group page The Pharos Project


Special thanks to the wonderful people at Whooverville 3 and the Doctor Who Podcast Alliance.

Also, thanks go to Martyn from the Bad Wilf Podcast, for being our Little Pete for the weekend.


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Pharos Project 65: Fish Fingers and Reichstag

That series what we all like is back. So, as expected, the Projecteers review "Let's Kill Hitler". Also we give some sort of verdict on episode7 of Torchwood, attend a pub crawl and bask in the orangey goodness of a regeneration. Who's? Listen to find out.

Twitter: @ Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

Facebook: Pharos Project or the super group page The Pharos Project (honestly, it's not bad)


Strange volume problems this time. Apologies, but we'll sort it out for the next one.

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Pharos Project 64: The Dangers of Casual Rex

This week, The projecteers look back at Torchwood: Miracle Grow episodes 4, 5 & 6. Also included is a classic example of "well it sounded funny when we thought of it in the pub", in the first (and very probably only) episode of "TorchStreet".

Twitter: @natalien @KungFuYoda @Doctor_Vendetta @PharosProject @beastmasterpete

Facebook: Pharo Projec or the really not that bad group page The Pharos Project


See you on the Goodies London pub crawl.

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Pharos Project 63: You Azmael

This week, the Projecteers return from their holibobs, only to find "The Twin Dilemma", waiting for them. In other words, this is more disturbingly random ravings from your resident filth wizards.

Twitter: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @beastmasterpete @KungFuYoda & @PharosProject

Facebook: Pharos Project or the spiffing group page The Pharos Project


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Pharos Project 62: The Tottenham Court Road Aerial Display Team

We're on holiday, but we thought we'd give you something to tide you over. It's a load of crap recorded behind a pub! 

Twats: @kungfuyoda @natalien @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta @PharosProject

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the awesome group page, The Pharos Project


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Pharos Project 61: Pants Thing on the Ceiling

Now this is a strange one. A projecteer has injured themselves (in the most pathetic way possible) and this seems to have triggered an outbreak of off topic rambles. Nevertheless, we just about cover news, 10 minute Torchwood and "The Long Game'.

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the group page (it's lovely, join up) The Pharos Project


The secret word this week is "BUGLE".

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Pharos Project 60: Maudlin Bun Head

Immortality! This week the projecteers bring you a seemingly never ending podcast, about seemingly never ending folk. Plenty of news, a frantic and shouty 10 minute Torchwood review and musings on "Mawdryn Undead".

Twats: @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta & @PharosProject

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the group page The Pharos Project


The secret word this week is "Shed".

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Pharos Project 59: Rex is not Your Sawyer

Oh happy day, Torchwood is back! Join us, as we look at RTD's attempt to conquer America and examine the multimedia onslaught that heralds the arrival of Miracle Day. 

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta, @beastmasterpete, @natalien & @KungFuYoda.

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the really nice group page The Pharos Project.


Secret word? Bumblebee.

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Pharos Project 58: Entropic Thunder

On this week's episode, we delve back to the very origins of The Pharos Project itself, as we review "Logopolis". Blah, blah blah, and a voicemail message.

Twats: @ Doctor_Vendetta, @KungFuYoda, @natalien & @beastmasterpete.

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the very lovely group page The Pharos Project.


The secret word this week is "entropy".


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Pharos Project 57: Downtime Abbey

This week, we present a masterclass in how not to podcast. Pick a subject hardly anyone will have seen, that you're not that interested in and that you frankly don't like much. Then struggle to talk about it for a bit. Consequently, what we have for you is a rather more ramblesome episode than usual, as we review "Downtime".

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta, @beastmasterpete, @natalien & @KungFuYoda.

FriendFace: The Pharos Projec or the shiny group page The Pharos Project.


The secret word this week is "Petula".

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Pharos Project 56: Carry on up the Malcolm

This week, we encounter the favourite episode of teenage boys and boob fans in general. The lovely Peri makes her entrance in a bikini, and Turlough exits in pervy swimming trunks. Let's all join Peter Wyngarde, as we order a burning and settle by the blaze to watch "Planet of Fire".

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta, @natalien, @beastmasterpete, @KungFuYoda & @PharosProject

FriendFace: PharosProjec or the group page The Pharos Project


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Pharos Project 55: World War D

This week, Projecteers 1 & 3 take you on a journey through not one, but two Nu Who episodes. World War 3 and Dalek. As usual, Sean Connery puts in a brief appearance, as does Ryan Reynolds. 

Twats: @natalien, @kungfuyoda, @Doctor_Vendetta, @beastmasterpete & @ PharosProject.

FriendFace: Pharos Projec or the group page The Pharos Project


This week's secret word is "Corrie".

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Pharos Project 54: Bloody Tourists

This week, we give The Doctor a break as we sink our manky British teeth into "An American Werewolf in London". Also we have some irrelevant Doctor Who news, Last week's feedback, Spider-Man, Bob Dylan and more advice on "how to get Capone", from Sean Connery.

Twats: @natalien, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete, @Doctor_Vendetta & @PharosProject.

FriendFace: Pharos Projec, or the fancy new group page The Pharos Project.


WARNING: This episode has NO CLOISTER BELLS. This means that the "C" word is NOT censored. If we'd carried on with that, the feedback section would have sounded like a fire alarm.

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Pharos Project 53: Mr Smith Goes to Warrington

It's the mid series finale and all 4 Projecteers are on board to rip it a new one. At last we know who River Song is, thanks to the embroidery of a sexy forest girl, but has it been worth the wait?

Twats: @natalien, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete, @Doctor_Vendetta & @PharosProject

Friendface: Pharos Projec or the new group page The Pharos Project


Slight audio level probs in this ep, due to the headphones we use to edit going tits up half way through.

Congrats to David Perry for getting the secret word, which remains the same as last time.

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Pharos Project 52: Alias Smith and Clones

This week, the Projecteers almost review "The Almost People". Huge spoilers throughout, so if you haven't seen the episode (or have a degree of taste), do not listen yet.

Twats: @natalien, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete, @Doctor_Vendetta & @PharosProject

Friendface: Pharos Projec or the new group page, The Pharos Project.

shEmail: for the snes style Who theme we pass off as Chris.

The secret word this week is Cloister Bell.

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Pharos Project 51: Fleshdance

This week the Projecteers attempt to put all memories of "Fear Her", out of their minds as they review Matthew Graham's "The Rebel Flesh". They also subject you to the worst Sean Connery impression ever and reveal just what you can measure in a bucket.

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete, @natalien & @PharosProject

Friendface: Pharos Projec, The Pharos Project group page


Giant snail drinking beer:

The secret word this week is "bucket".

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Pharos Project 50: Neil's House Party

Join us, as we celebrate making 50 episodes of this crap and go on a mad, drunken ramble through "The Doctor's Wife". Along the way;

News is newsed, a kazoo is inappropriately fingered, Paul makes a play for the title of "most drunk person ever", Chris is given a new name, breaks are taken for bowel movements, lots of audio feedback is played, and most importantly...

...we introduce the 4th Projecteer!

Twats: @Doctor_Vendetta, @kungfuyoda, @beastmasterpete, @PharosProject

Friendface: Pharos Projec

If you sent in an email or audio file and its not played here, don't worry, it'll be in ep 51.

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Pharos Project 49: Pugwashed

Shiver me timbers and other such pirate bollocks, it's the projecteer's review of "Curse of the Black Spot".

Episode 50 next time. Please send feedback (audio if possible) to...

Twitter us on;

@PharosProject, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete & @Doctor_Vendetta. Facebook Pharos Projec.

Sorry if the audio peaks a bit, this is because Paul left the import volume up. Prat.

Secret word this week (congrats to Bat Masterson for getting last week's) is Bilge.

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Pharos Project 48: Day of the Bumnose

This week, we're confused.

It's our review of "The Day of the Moon", and it's quite a ranty one. Mr Chris keeps a level head as all around him lose their's, in what is basically a nitpicker's guide to episode 2. 

Feedback and doughnuts to

Twits: @Doctor_Vendetta, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete & @PharosProject

Nobody got last week's secret word, so it remains "Arstronaut".

Stay tuned at the end for some post recording pub stuff and a bonus sing 'a' long from The Beastmaster.

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Pharos Project 47.1: Like Beers in the Rain

A selection of our live recordings from the series 6 launch party in London.

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Pharos Project 47: Silent But Deadly

The Doctor is in.

We review the new series opener "The Impossible Astronaut".

Beware, this is quite a bad tempered episode as just before recording, Paul's computers achieved sentience and decided to stage a coup.

If you want to "Have a doughnut", send audio to

Same address for feedback. Twits; @PharosProject, @KungFuYoda, @beastmasterpete and @Doctor_Vendetta.

The secret word this week is "Arstronaut".

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Pharos Project 46: Death Spud Foam Party

In honour of our first anniversary, we present the clean episode.

No swears!

No enthusiasm!

No choice but to release it anyway!

We review "The Seeds of Death", chat about news nobody but us is interested in and Paul is once again far too drunk to read the feedback properly.

Feedback to






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Pharos Project 45: Larry Wagner vs The French Nipple

It was Mr Chris' birthday this week, so it was his choice as to what got the Pharos treatment this episode. He chose Fritz Lang's 1927 classic "Metropolis". And so, it is with much pride that the Projecteers present their review of "Lifeforce".

Also included, is the usual mix of obscenities, feedback and news.

We're on the twitters as;

@beastmasterpete (Little Pete)

@KungFuYoda (Paul)

@Doctor_Vendetta (Mr Chris)


and on Facebook as Pharos Projec (note the missing "t")

The secret word this week is "Bouncy".

Direct download: Pharos_Project_45__Larry_Wagner_vs_The_French_Nipple.mp3
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Pharos Project 44: The Colour For Twubcrawls is Gween

No, before you ask, this is not the Chocolate Turkey special. Turns out there were much better things to do this week. 

We does talk of Twubcrawl!

A gathering of Doctor Who fans, that did walk around London, look at filming locations, and dance the dance of the alcohols until we were all chucked out.

For informations on location tours of Doctor Who & other stuff, go to or send begging tweets to @Nelle_Macbeth

If you happen to be the casting director of a provincial theatre, please employ @rod_henderson (has own beard).

Direct download: Pharos_Project_44__The_Colour_For_Twubcrawls_is_Gween.mp3
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Pharos Project 43: Where Parrots Dare

Dodgy Cybermen, Jazz music, Mad Nazis and some of the worst cases of attempted bird murder ever committed to film. Yes, this week the Projecteers take a look at "Silver Nemesis". Aided by "special" guest, Radio Free Skaro's own Chris Burgess, we review Doctor Who's 25th anniversary story.

It's a long one, so no feedback this week.


@Doctor_Vendetta (Mr Chris)

@beastmasterpete (Little Pete)

@KungFuYoda (Paul)

@dubbayoo (Chris Burgess)


Direct download: Pharos_Project_43__Where_Parrots_Dare.mp3
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Pharos Project 42: Shada Lada Ming Mong

It's episode 42, so we thought we'd dig out a bit of Douglas Adams for you. We're dipping our toes into the murky waters of incomplete stories and having a gander at 1979's Shada.

Apologies for the obscene length, but editing it down more would involve actual work. Something we struggle to avoid at all times. To make up for this, we've included a little outtake at the end. Three grown men laughing uncontrollably at a fart that manages to unseat a trilby.

Also included is the usual drunken stumble through the week's news, and the result of our DARDIS competition.


Twitter: @Doctor_Vendettta




This secret word this week is "punt".

Direct download: Pharos_Project_42__Shada_Lada_Ming_Mong.mp3
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Pharos Project 41: Eduardo is the Warmest Place to Hide

Hello Ladies and gents. It's time for our most self indulgent podcast so far as we review The Thing.

Paul had sway on this one as it was the anniversary of his birth. So it's Paul's favourite film, intersperced by bits of Paul's favourite tunes. Blame him. For everything. Seeing as we actually had to watch a film before recording this, it's a little bit more drunk than usual. Again, blame Paul.

Enjoy, and please tip your waitress.

Feedback and compo entries to

JD's link to the trailer for Phantom

This podcast is dedicated to the memory of Hunter. You left footprints on the hearts of our friends.

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Pharos Project 40: This is a Fake

This week, we celebrate our 40th episode in style, by cocking it up big time. The 1st 12 minutes are recorded in the iMac's internal mic, so it sounds like we're in a toilet. Sorry and that. Never fear, as we soon sort out the technicals and get stuck in to the story selected for this week from Barry Manilow's bag. The truly wonderful "City of Death".

Compo entries to please. You have 2 weeks (or episode 42, whichever comes 1st) to get them in.

Follow us on twitter;


@DoctorVendetta (Chris)

@KungFuYoda (Paul)

@beastmasterpete (Shitface)

Congrats once again go to David Perry for getting the secret word correct. This week's secret word is "potty".

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Pharos Project 39: How to Enlarge Your Toad

Galltfrey One is over, and the post con blues were made even worse this week by the news of the sad passing of Nicholas Courtney. We therefore decided that we should review a UNIT episode of Doctor Who this week. So we tried to think of the most typical story from that era, one that had everything that you could possibly want from a UNIT episode. Unfortunately, we couldn't download "Terror of the Zygons", quickly enough, so we ended up watching "The Claws of Axos".

Also this week, Paul takes a wander back through his drink addled memories of Gally, Chris pretends to be a smurf and Little Pete levels some disturbing accusations at the episode in question.

Compo entries and feedback should be directed at or, if for some reason you find yourself wanting to make more immediate contact, you can follow us on twitter on @pharosproject.

In honour of the great man himself, this week's secret word is simply "Brig".

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Pharos Project 38: Kate O'Mara's Throbbing Gland

Hello all.

We managed to survive the SFX Weekender 2 and now come down with a bump, as we review "Time and the Rani".

Also this week, we talk a little about our time at Pontins Camber Sands, one of us gets excited about the upcoming Gallifrey convention and we announce our new competition with our bestest ever prize.

Thrown in for good measure we have feedback and PWCJFO.

Looking forward to seeing some old friends and making some new ones at Gallifrey. Don't forget the DWPA podcast panel which Paul will be part of.

In Honour of writing duo Pip and Jane Baker, this week's secret word is senile.


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Pharos Project 37: Green Eggs and Holm

It's time for the Doctor to take a break as we indulge in our first dip into other stuff. As requested by our listeners, we take a look at "Alien".

Also this week, we introduce a new feature (PWCJFO) and provide you with the world premiere of an unseen Ridley bread ad.

Feedback, as always, should be directed at either or @pharosproject on the twits.

Congrats to the Davids Light and Perry for reading last time's tat. This week's secret word is batter.

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Pharos Project 36: Last of the Summer Whine

This week we invite the Bad Wilf Podcast to join us as we rip into "The End of Time Part One".

We also wade into some strange and wonderful feedback and announce the winner of our competition.

Unfortunately, everything that could have gone wrong with the recording of the review, actually did. This resulted in a bugger of an edit and a drop in audio quality for the final 10 minutes.

Congratulations to "friend of the show", David Perry, who continues to be the only person that reads this tosh.

Send feedback to or @pharosproject on the twits.

Tune in to Bad Wilf for the review of Part Two. They can be found on iTunes or at

This weeks secret word is Pontefract.

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Pharos Project 35: Oinky McTrotters' Big Day Out

It's a little windy in the Pharos studio/spare bedroom this week, as the projecteers look at the fart-fest that is "Aliens of London".

Please keep the feedback coming in. We need your offerings for Manilow's bag and any thoughts on films or series you would like us to cover.

Also, our competition to win a Doctor Who 2011 annual is still open. Entries and feedback should be directed at or @pharosproject on the twits.

Lastly, in what we believe to be a podcast first, we proudly present LIVE CAT SHEARING!

This week's secret word is Harris.

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Pharos Project 34: Captain Stabley Does Some Homework

This week the Projecteers take on the abomination that is Time-Flight.

You know, the one with the concordes, the Master dressed as a Chinese Demis Roussos impersonator and the best employee British Airways never had, Captain Stapley.

Also, there's a look at Biggles, Tina Turner makes an appearance in the Pleasure Dome and Little Pete proves that he has turd magnets for hands as he pulls another shocker from Manilow's bag.

To enter the competition, please send answers to the question (what's in Paul's pocket) to

As we recorded this before episode 33 was released, the secret word will stay the same this time.


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Pharos Project 33: We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat

This week, the Projecteers spat Advocat into a roaring fire, argued with family and indulged in that other fine festive tradition that calls itself the Doctor Who Christmas Special.

Jenkins did sing, the Doctor did marry, Gambon did soften and Amy and Rory showed us their sex clothes. Actually, how would you role play between a Centurion and a Police Woman? Bit of an odd combo that. Chris and Little Pete usually do it as Ronald Mcdonald and Hamburglar, a more sensible choice.


Thanks to Terri Silvers and "friend of the show", David Perry for getting the secret word (this week, chutney) correct.

Happy New Year!!!

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