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Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.

In a change of plans, we delve into the 1977 Doctor Who story "Image of the Fendahl". This episode is dedicated to Jasper, who was the best dog ever and who passed shortly before this recording. He is fucking missed.

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Ahoy, mateys! In this episode, Michael Caine has a shocker when he decides to take his horrendous child with him to investigate disappearances on the ocean waves. They run afoul of pirate David Warner, pirate Don Henderson off that bit in Star Wars and Pirate Tinker out of Lovejoy. It's 1980's "The Island".

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Nothing says 80's movie like a huge fella nipping about and shooting people willy-nilly. Here, we talk about the daddy of them all, 1985's Commando. *This episode was recorded before the big Doctor Who casting news this week, which we all knew about anyway, but were sworn to secrecy.

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Bonjour et bienvenue to a very French episode of the podcast. Join us as we watch "Brotherhood of the Wolf", a film about a French, horny, old time David Attenborough type fella chasing a monster around in the rain.
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We are back again and as its still quite near the new year, we decided to talk about all the stuff we watched in 2021, including the Flux season of Doctor Who and other assorted guff. 
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