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Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.
Pharos Project 72: The Plastic Sausage Awards

The Projecteers have shrugged off the terrible lurgee that has dogged them for the last few weeks and have united once more. This week we bring you, more overpriced plastic tat news, we answer SFX magazine's 15 unanswered questions left by series 6 and dish out the 2011 Eduardos.

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Pharos Project 71: Once More, Unto the Beach

The cold, clammy hand of disease has descended upon Pharos Towers, and knocked the projecteer's alcohol weakened bodies for six. Luckily, Mr Paul had been doing chattings with some colonists, and the recordings have survived the bite of viral infection.

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Pharos Project 70: My Big Fat Geek Wedding

Once more unto the beach, dear friends, once more. It's series finale time again, and the poor old Doctor's all set to pop his clogs. Will he really escape death at the hand of a damp astronaut, or will it go all potions and lipstick? Join projecteers 2 and 3 as they review "The Wedding of River Song".

Twitter: @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject @natalien @Doctor_Vendetta


Facebook: The Pharos Project Group Page

This episode is dedicated to the memory of Steve Jobs, without whom, none of this would be possible.

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