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Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.
Pharos Project 97.5: Cabin Pressure

Yes, we know we were meant to be doing "Aliens", this week, but Mr Chris has had to complete some community service work and couldn't attend. Rather than review "Aliens", without him, Mr Pete and Mr Paul decided that we would drop a recent film into the pit of Pharos and review "The Cabin in the Woods". News and feedback are covered first, so listeners who haven't seen the film can switch off before the SPOILERS begin.

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No podcast next week, as we're all out on a jolly. In two week's time "Aliens", and after that, Hammer Horror.

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Pharos Project 97: Domo Origami, Mister Roboto

This week, well, it's a long one. It was Mr. Pete's birthday and he chose to review "Blade Runner". This was foolish, because given half a chance, we will talk about that film for hours. So, here is us talking the hell out of "Blade Runner".

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Next week, in a change to plans, a review of "The Cabin in the Woods". The week after, we'll be looking at "Aliens". Get your feedback in for those. Brent and David, your feedback was cut for time, but we will read it next week.

The secret word this week is: Spinner.

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Pharos Project 96: Morris Dancers From Hell

This week, it's a shambles! The three intrepid Projecteers were desperate to get out for a booze up and one of them hadn't watched the story. Still, they do their best to review "The Daemons". 

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The secret word this week is: Moonlighting.

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Pharos Project 95: The Confusions of Buckaroo Banzai

It's movie week! Because it's also Mr Chris' birthday, he got to choose the movie we would discuss. His selection, "The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension". Join us, as we attempt to unravel the conundrum of a film that makes no sense, but people still love.

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The secret word this week is: Watermelon

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Pharos Project 94: The Plunger Games

This week, the Projecteers bid farewell to the ninth Doctor as they review "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways". Also, important information on how to relieve yourself Doctor Who style, how to cheat your way out of a satsuma and reaction to some aggressive knitware casting.

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The secret word this week is: Piddle

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