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Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.

A mere two months late, we have a look at the 15th Doctor's debut in the 2023 Christmas special, "The Church on Ruby Road".

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Fresh from an extended stay in the Balkans at His Majesty's pleasure, the Projecteers are back to look at the 60th anniversary Doctor Who gubbins. Brace for collision with a heady mix of unfiltered Who chat, middle aged people being confused by technology and good old fashioned vulgarity.

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Ahoy, mateys! In this episode, Michael Caine has a shocker when he decides to take his horrendous child with him to investigate disappearances on the ocean waves. They run afoul of pirate David Warner, pirate Don Henderson off that bit in Star Wars and Pirate Tinker out of Lovejoy. It's 1980's "The Island".

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Nothing says 80's movie like a huge fella nipping about and shooting people willy-nilly. Here, we talk about the daddy of them all, 1985's Commando. *This episode was recorded before the big Doctor Who casting news this week, which we all knew about anyway, but were sworn to secrecy.

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Bonjour et bienvenue to a very French episode of the podcast. Join us as we watch "Brotherhood of the Wolf", a film about a French, horny, old time David Attenborough type fella chasing a monster around in the rain.
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We are back again and as its still quite near the new year, we decided to talk about all the stuff we watched in 2021, including the Flux season of Doctor Who and other assorted guff. 
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It's the long awaited return of Hammer to the podcast as we look at Frankenstein Created Woman starring the always brilliant Peter Cushing.

No news this week so we dive straight into the movie.

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This week Mr. Chris decided to unfairly punish Mr. Paul and Little Pete for no reason and make them watch Zardoz from 1974. The git.

Movie review starts at 21 minutes.

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Somehow, the powers that be have allowed Pete to survive another year of his tortured existence. To celebrate this we gave him a free choice of movie to watch for this episode (yes we did, don't argue) and he chose 1999's Ravenous. The weirdo.

Movie review begins at 17 minutes.

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After having to watch a right dog last episode, when we looked at a Stephen Sommers directed monster movie, we decided to do something entirely different. This time we are watching a monster movie that has been directed by Stephen Sommers, 1998's "Deep Rising".

Movie review begins at 24 mins.

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This was meant to be an episode where we chatted about a bland Jason Statham movie, but (mentioning no names) It was Pete ultimately decided that we should and Chris watch a Huge Action crap-fest from 2004. It's Van Helsing.

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Yes, it is very late. From way back in January 2021 we present our review of the New Year's special episode of Doctor Who,  Revolution of the Daleks. Also included at no extra charge, a carefully curated "vintage news" segment.

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Die Hard 2 is so blatantly a Christmas movie because its a sequel to another Christmas movie. You wouldn't make Sister Act 2 and leave out the nuns. Suck it.

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Doctors 2, 7 and 11 continue their quest to locate all the pieces of the lock of time and save the multiverse, OR three idiots nob about at a role playing game in an attempt to frustrate another idiot. Again.

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Happy Halloween!! This year we celebrated by letting Chris do lots of news and watching 2018's Overlord. We enjoyed one of those things.

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Yes, life got in the bloody way again for a bit, but now we are back. It's almost like we were frozen for a while, only to be thawed out later to fight a terrible evil. Time Lord Victorious tat! Oh, and we watched Demolition Man.

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This bat-week on this bat-episode, we watch an absolute bat-turd of a film. It's Batman and Robin from 1997.  

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This week, thanks to Mr Chris' brain, we end up staring into the incomprehensible charm void that is the awful 1998 film "The Avengers". 

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This time we are joined by special guest, RPG expert Ryan Blake, as we embark on an epic multi-doctor adventure "The Lock of Time". 

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Could an industrial prehuman civilization have existed on Earth? Is it possible that aliens are already here and living among us? Can a director's cut really save a bad film? No. Here's the renegade cut of Highlander 2.

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In a chaotic episode, Pete makes room for poultry and goes missing, Chris purchases 6 fine onions and Paul offers an apology 10 years too late. They also talk about 1985's "Silver Bullet", but not often.

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We didn't think we would still be doing this either, but somehow we forgot that we usually bugger off after a few episodes. Blame Little Pete, and his instance on talking about the movie "PaperHouse", from 1988.

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In a desperate, last ditch effort to avoid acknowledging the end of lockdown, the Projecteers bravely agree to watch and talk about a movie...

...1983's Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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This week, we are joined by 4th Projecteer Miss Natalie, as we take a long overdue look at the 13th Doctor. Also, has Chris Chibnall saved or fu**ed the show by tinkering with mythology.

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We take our last look at a classic Who story for a while as Mr Chris pokes The Ice Warriors at us. Time to get our Troughton.

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Desperate for human contact during lockdown, the Projecteers resort to an examination of the final days of Sweaty Ron, as detailed in "Warriors of the Deep".

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In a failed experiment to reverse the polarity of the pootron flow emanating from Little Pete's cack encrusted mitts, we've ended up  having to watch Delta and the Bannermen. 

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To conclude our trilogy of lockdown themed episodes (yes, that was always the intention and not something we only just noticed) we look at the 1977 Tom Baker classic, Horror of Fang Rock.

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Once more the Projecteers return, unedited and poorly recorded. We may be confined, but we take solace in the fact that we are not being menaced by red cauliflower footballs, kicked over the fence into the lady garden of evil. Unlike that lot in Terror of the Vervoids.

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It's our 10th anniversary and everyone is on lockdown, so as we had bugger all else to do, here's a new episode. Sorry its Paradise Towers, blame Little Pete. 

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This episode we are joined by Mr Other Chris as we pay tribute to the great Rutger Hauer and review 1992's Split Second. 

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Hello again. It's that time of year when we muck out Pete's cage, so while he's out, might as well record something. 

This time we've been forced into watching a musical by a supposed friend and a small dog. Fear not, as we barely manage to get around to it and by the time we do Paul is way to drunk to care.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Grease.

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In this episode, we gaze long into an abyss. The abyss gazes back for a bit, but finding nothing of interest, soon goes back to watching Bake Off. It's "The Void" from 2016.

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This episode, we are joined by Mr. Other Chris from The Eleventh Hour Podcast, as we talk about the right load of old cobblers that is Michael Mann's "The Keep".

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Put on your posh clobber and get the beers in, it's anniversary time again! This time we celebrate the 25th anniversary of "Last Action Hero".

Sorry about the slight audio problems towards the end, we tried to clean it up as best we could.

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In this episode, we talk around the 1998 movie "Godzilla".

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Miss Natalie joins us as we talk about "Attack the Block"

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In the Cursed Earth where the mutants dwell, there is no law just a living hell. Anyway, enough about Norfolk. On this episode we talk about "Dredd". Also, some bloke cuts the grass.



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All aboard the 2:21 from Pharos Towers! Please be sure to keep your belongings with you at all times and try not to feed the wolfmen. This episode, we look at 2015's "Howl".

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The apocalypse is upon us as giant monsters rise from the depths to crush our cities. Our only hope is to create giant robots to beat them off. No, not one of Pete's "special films", but Guillermo Del Toro's "Pacific Rim".

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"At the end of March 2018, the Projecteers returned to talk all things Mad Max Fury Road. Nobody knew where they came from or where they went afterwards, but the smell lingered for weeks". - The First History Man

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This week. We almost catch up with series 10 as we review Empress of Mars and The Eaters of Light.


Twitter: @PharosProject


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This week. Bill enjoys a cup of piping hot steam with her mum, Nodule becomes increasingly superfluous and the Doctor gets fake shot up his sparkle bracket. It's our review of "The Lie of the Land".

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This week. Nardole gets something nasty up him, Bill is once again cock blocked and The Doctor is confounded by a Fisher Price toy. It's our review of "The Pyramid at the End of the World".

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This week. Nardole sticks his hand somewhere he really shouldn't, Bill gets cock blocked by the pontiff and the Doctor considers a subscription to Audible.

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This week. One of Bill's costumes finally tries to kill her, Nardole lets slip that he copped off with the short one from Scooby-Doo and the Doctor is blinded by the requirements of the next episode. Take a deep breath, it's our review of "Oxygen".

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This week. Bill gets new digs, The Doctor forgets how the sonic screwdriver works and everyone is under threat from David Suchet's knockers. It's our review of "Knock Knock".

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Reassuringly late, it's our review of "Thin Ice". 

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Continuing our tradition of giving you last week's show this week, we present our review of "Smile". Still some technicals. but they are less than before. 

Email and leave messages, audio comments, and other stuff at


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Pharos Project 209: Altered Skates

This week, we watch Mel Brooks attempt to polish a turd as we watch "Solarbabies".

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Pharos Project 208: Quantum Ypres

In this episode we look at that there Biggles movie from 1986. We don't know why. Also, we become members of the aristocracy.

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Pharos Project 207: The Beast With Six Fingers

We're back! Half cut and half arsed as ever.

This week we watched "The Princess Bride", which is a film.

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Pharos Project 206: Fear and Probing in Las Vegas

This week. We delve backwards through time to a point when 50 year old men could easily pull much younger women. Coincidentally, a time when most TV was written by 50 year old men. Yes it's 1972, and we're watching movie of the week "The Night Stalker".

Also, it's our 6th anniversary. We don't mention it.


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Pharos Project 205: Inspectre Gadgets

This year, we decide to do some bonding. Then totally forget that as we argue like buggery over the last Bond film Spectre.


Twitter and stuff you should already know.

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Pharos Project 204: Diamonds Are For River

In which we discuss "The Husbands of River Song". Also, horse genitalia and can a bellow ever be nuanced?

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Pharos Project 203: Hell

Finally, part two of our Series 9 finale review. We look at "Hell Bent".

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Pharos Project 202: Heaven

Mr Aussie Nick joins us for the first part of our Series 9 finale review, as we look at "Heaven Sent".

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Pharos Project 201: The Featherending Story

In a surprising move for this podcast, we recorded a podcast. Here is our review of "Face the Raven". Have at it.

That's it for the show notes. It's late and I'm bloody tired.

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Pharos Project 200: Cheers

Doctor Who is back! This week we look at the opening two-parter of Series 9; The Magician's Apprentice and The Witch's Familiar.

Also it's our 200th episode.

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Pharos Project 199: Mechs, Spies and Videotape

This week, we journey to the future. War is obsolete, giant robots controlled by idiots decide the fate of the world. No, it's not Pacific Rim, it's that movie's impoverished cousin "Robot Jox".







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Pharos Project 198: Ramsay's Glitching Nightmares

In this episode we travel to the 1984 of the future. Where robots cook your dinner and Gene Simmons commands an army of robotic spiders. Thank heaven Magnum pi is there to save us as we watch "Runaway".





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Pharos Project 197: Shelley's Heroes

We just nipped out for a bit, but now we're back. Sadly, while we were away cinema lost one of it's true greats, the amazing Sir Christopher Lee. So, we decided to mark his passing by getting drunk and talking about a film starring the great man, The Curse of Frankenstein.


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Pharos Project 196: Hot Buzz

This week. Join us as we watch Michael Caine pay for another house. It's "The Swarm".





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Pharos Project 195: A Midsummer Night's Scream

This week. We look at "Scream of the Shalka", the last old Who before the new stuff.







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This week. Time travel, not cyborgs and why answer machines have it in for us. We talk about 1984's The Terminator.







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Pharos Project 193: Game of Clones

This week, we talk all things Alien Resurrection. A film, which in light of recent news, we needn't have bothered with.







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Pharos Project 192: Things to Come

Join us as we usher in a collection of 12 months soon to be known as 2015. Here, we ramble on about some of the films and tv due to be watched by us during that period.







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Pharos Project 191: Requiem For a Dream Crab

It was Christmas a short time ago. As is the tradition, this meant that a special episode of Doctor Who was broadcast on the big day. We done talked about it in this.







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Pharos Project 190: Scary Poppins

Back once again like a renegade Timelord. 

This episode we attempt to wrap up series 8 of Doctor Who with reviews of Faltline through to Death in Heaven.







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Pharos Project 189: Throw Mummy From the Train

This week. It's a bit of a special episode as we recorded a live round table with some of our chums from podcasting. Eventually, we got to talking about "Mummy on the Orient Express".







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Pharos Project 188: The Bantam Menace

This week, we answer some important questions. why wasn't there an episode last week? How big is a space chicken's arse? Find out, as we review Kill The Moon. Also, poker.








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Pharos Project 187: Doc Day Afternoon

This week, we put stockings over our heads and run screaming into our local post office. Also, we review "Time Heist" and play some unnecessery sequel poker.







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Pharos Project 186: The Hear Hunter

This week, Steven Moffat continues his quest to make us afraid of everything and Little Pete struggles with the word "ambiguity". It's time to review "Listen".







Direct download: Pharos_Project_186__The_Hear_Hunter.mp3
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This week, we journey to Sherwood forest in search of a hoodie. The Doctor meets Robin Hood and dosen't really like him in "Robot of Sherwood". Also some poker stuff.







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Pharos Project 184: Small Soldiers

This week. The Doctor and Clara journey inside the most evil being in the universe that isn't Simon Cowell. Join our heroes as they venture up a Dalek stalk in "Into the Dalek".







Direct download: Pharos_Project_184__Small_Soldiers.mp3
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Pharos Project 183: Killer Frowns From Outer Space

Behold the dawn of the Peter Capaldi era. This week we look at series 8 opener "Deep Breath" and open the doors on an all new season of Unnecessary Sequel Poker. The Who review begins at 50 mins, for those not wanting to wade through the balls.







Direct download: Pharos_Project_183__Killer_Frowns_From_Outer_Space.mp3
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Pharos Project 182: White Line Nightmare

This week. "Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior". 







Direct download: Pharos_Project_182__White_Line_Nightmare.mp3
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Pharos Project 181: Catch me if you Scan

This week. We follow wheelchair bound dectective Michael Ironside in the hunt for the brain people. It's "Scanners".







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Pharos Project 180: Back with a Kong

We're back! To celebrate our return to talking crap on the internet, we look at a film frachise that had no reason to come back. From 1986 it"s "King Kong Lives"



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Pharos Project 179: The Box of Delights

This week (year, month, whatever) Mr Other Chris takes on the guest hosting duties as we look at 1987's Hellraiser. Joining us as we do, we're proud to have Peter and Phil, host of The Hellraiser Podcast. It'll tear your ears apart!









Direct download: Pharos_Project_179__The_Box_of_Delights.mp3
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Pharos Project 178: Bubblegum Crisis

This week. We put on our sunglasses, stumble about a bit coz it's dark and then watch a classic John Carpenter movie. It's 1988's "They Live".









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Pharos Project 177: Curry Sauce

This week. We're back from our little break and full of song, as we look at "The Rocky Horror Picture Show".









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Pharos Project 176: Master of Ferrets

This week. We equip swords, sandals and antiseptic gel as we delve deep into the origins of our very own little Pete. It's 1982's "The Beastmaster".





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Pharos Project 175: Feel The Stag

This week. From the dawn of time we came, moving silently down through the centuries. Living many secret lives, struggling to reach the time of the podcasting, when the few who remain will chattle to the last. No one has ever known we were among you......until now.





Direct download: Pharos_Project_175__Feel_The_Stag.mp3
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Pharos Project 174: Twelfth Night

"The Timelord is Regenerating"!

It's time to bid farewell to Matt Smith's Eleventh Doctor, as he ruins Christmas for everybody and snuffs it. All is not lost however, Peter Capaldi is waiting in the wings with dodgy kidneys. We welcome back fourth Projecteer Miss Natalie as we review "The Time of the Doctor".





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Pharos Project 173: Anti Radiation Gloves

Merry Christmas! This week we celebrate be festive season by almost totally ignoring it, and instead, look back 50 years to the first incursion of Daleks in Doctor Who. That being "The Daleks".

Twitter: @PharosProject @Spurt_Russell @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta




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Pharos Project 172: The Day of the Doctor

This week. We'er joined by Fourth Projecteer Miss Natalie, as we take a proper look at "The Day of the Doctor".

Twitter: @Natalien @PharosProject @Spurt_Russell @beastmasterpete @Doctor_Vendetta




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Pharos Project 171: A Pod Amongst Men

This week. As Christmas is fast approaching, we decide it's high time we reminded ourselves just how evil Brussel Sprouts can be. So, with the aid of guest Matthew Woodcock of The Monster Hunters, we look at "The Seeds of Doom".

Twitter: @M_Woodcock @PharosProject @Doctor_Vendetta @beastmasterpete @Spurt_Russell




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Pharos Project 170: A Momentary Lapse of Treason

This week. It's been an historic week for Doctor Who, culminating in a world record simulcast of the 50th anniversary special. Recorded shortly after transmission, the Projecteers are joined by special guest Kyle Anderson, live in Pharos Towers for the first (and hopefully not last) time, as we give our initial thoughts on "The Day of the Doctor". 

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Pharos Project 169: Get Your Spectrox Off

This week. We continue our look at some of our favourite Doctor Who stories. Pete had a vague memory of a 5th Doctor story he enjoyed, so we naturally convinced him it must be "The Caves of Androzani".

Also, we have a gander at that minisode that came out this week.

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Pharos Project 168: Unlimited Rice Pudding

This week, with the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who fast approaching, we begin a look at some of our favourite stories of old. Mr Chris gets first crack, so naturally selects something from the 7th Doctor's era. Remembrance of the Daleks.

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Pharos Project 167: Halloween Special 4. The Haunting

It's our 4th Halloween Special. This year, we decided to get all spooky on your ass, chill your spine and rattle your nerves. Our subject is no less than the greatest haunted house movie ever made, 1963's The Haunting.

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Pharos Project 166: Hoggle's Dirty Peach

This week. We're joined by Erika Ensign of the Verity! Podcast, as we drunkenly stagger around 1986's "Labyrinth".

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Pharos Project 165: The Death Wheelers

This week. The Projecteers travel back to the 1970's in search of trashy british horror. They return triumphant, clasping a copy of 1973's "Psychomania". Motorbikes, Satanism and a healthy dose of toad.

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Pharos Project 164: Time Squared

This week. As we've been doing multi-Doctor stories in the build up to the 50th, we can't avoid this any longer. It's the 30th anniversary, it's 1993, it's Dimensions in Time.

Also, we play our new horror movie based game, Play Your Kills Right.

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Pharos Project 163: Dry Hair is for Squids

This week. Little Pete and Mr Paul descend into B movie heaven, as they review 1985's "Trancers". Also, they chat about the state of modern low budget horror and give a mini review of Stephen King's new novel, Shining sequel "Doctor Sleep".

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Pharos Project 162: All's Well That Cartmel

Hello. To keep the baying masses at baying, we decided to release a stop gap episode. Our chat with Andrew Cartmel. 

That's all. There's a bit of Simon Fisher Becker in there, but i need a wee and can't be bothered to write out all the rest of the usual shit.

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Pharos Project 161: Frying Tonight

This week. In a move that may be considered a "hands across the water" type thing, we introduce a genuine American to the Carry On series of movies. Join us, and special guest Lincoln Leather Hayes, as we cast a critical eye over "Carry On Screaming".

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Pharos Project 160: The Seville Service

This week. We continue our look at multi-Doctor stories as we examine "The Two Doctors". We quickly run out of things to talk about, so have bolted on an interview with Anneke Wills in order to pad things out a bit.

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Pharos Project 159: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This week. We travelled to Derby for the annual Doctor Who convention Whooverville. There, we were lucky enough to grab an interview with legendary Doctor Who director Graeme Harper.

Also, we were joined for some after con chat by Dean Hill of the DWO Whocast. It's a bit drunk, but we had been drinking for about 8 hours at that point. 

twitter: @KungFuYoda @Doctor_Vendetta @thesonichammer @PharosProject




Massive thanks to Steve and the other organisers of Whooverville and also the DWPA, of which we are proud to be members.

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