Doctor Who: The Pharos Project Podcast
Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.

Doctors 2, 7 and 11 continue their quest to locate all the pieces of the lock of time and save the multiverse, OR three idiots nob about at a role playing game in an attempt to frustrate another idiot. Again.

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Happy Halloween!! This year we celebrated by letting Chris do lots of news and watching 2018's Overlord. We enjoyed one of those things.

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Yes, life got in the bloody way again for a bit, but now we are back. It's almost like we were frozen for a while, only to be thawed out later to fight a terrible evil. Time Lord Victorious tat! Oh, and we watched Demolition Man.

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This bat-week on this bat-episode, we watch an absolute bat-turd of a film. It's Batman and Robin from 1997.  

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This week, thanks to Mr Chris' brain, we end up staring into the incomprehensible charm void that is the awful 1998 film "The Avengers". 

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This time we are joined by special guest, RPG expert Ryan Blake, as we embark on an epic multi-doctor adventure "The Lock of Time". 

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Could an industrial prehuman civilization have existed on Earth? Is it possible that aliens are already here and living among us? Can a director's cut really save a bad film? No. Here's the renegade cut of Highlander 2.

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In a chaotic episode, Pete makes room for poultry and goes missing, Chris purchases 6 fine onions and Paul offers an apology 10 years too late. They also talk about 1985's "Silver Bullet", but not often.

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We didn't think we would still be doing this either, but somehow we forgot that we usually bugger off after a few episodes. Blame Little Pete, and his instance on talking about the movie "PaperHouse", from 1988.

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In a desperate, last ditch effort to avoid acknowledging the end of lockdown, the Projecteers bravely agree to watch and talk about a movie...

...1983's Something Wicked This Way Comes.

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This week, we are joined by 4th Projecteer Miss Natalie, as we take a long overdue look at the 13th Doctor. Also, has Chris Chibnall saved or fu**ed the show by tinkering with mythology.

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We take our last look at a classic Who story for a while as Mr Chris pokes The Ice Warriors at us. Time to get our Troughton.

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Desperate for human contact during lockdown, the Projecteers resort to an examination of the final days of Sweaty Ron, as detailed in "Warriors of the Deep".

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In a failed experiment to reverse the polarity of the pootron flow emanating from Little Pete's cack encrusted mitts, we've ended up  having to watch Delta and the Bannermen. 

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To conclude our trilogy of lockdown themed episodes (yes, that was always the intention and not something we only just noticed) we look at the 1977 Tom Baker classic, Horror of Fang Rock.

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Once more the Projecteers return, unedited and poorly recorded. We may be confined, but we take solace in the fact that we are not being menaced by red cauliflower footballs, kicked over the fence into the lady garden of evil. Unlike that lot in Terror of the Vervoids.

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It's our 10th anniversary and everyone is on lockdown, so as we had bugger all else to do, here's a new episode. Sorry its Paradise Towers, blame Little Pete. 

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