Doctor Who: The Pharos Project Podcast (general)
Guerrilla podcasting in a pseudo New Wave Punk Revivalist old-school photocopied ransom note fanzine stylee. Or a clutch of Whovians getting tanked up and whittering about kids TV when they can get themselves organised. Take your pick. WARNING: Contains fruity language.

In a change of plans, we delve into the 1977 Doctor Who story "Image of the Fendahl". This episode is dedicated to Jasper, who was the best dog ever and who passed shortly before this recording. He is fucking missed.

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Doctor Who is back and so are we! This week, we talk about the first episode of series 10 "The Pilot". Well, we skirt around it to be honest. Mainly we talk about Chris' weird notes and cyborg poo.

Also, we apologize that the audio quality in this episode does not meet our usual standard. Also, we don't actually mean that.

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Pharos Project 90: Auton, Here's a Who

This week, the Projecteers examine Jon Pertwee's debut story as the Doctor "Spearhead from Space". We say examine, but all they really do is get drunk and go off topic. As usual then.

Twitter: @Doctor_Vendetta @natalien @KungFuYoda @beastmasterpete @PharosProject

Facebook: The Pharos Project group page. This is your last warning. Join or "stuff" happens.


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Pharos Project 34: Captain Stabley Does Some Homework

This week the Projecteers take on the abomination that is Time-Flight.

You know, the one with the concordes, the Master dressed as a Chinese Demis Roussos impersonator and the best employee British Airways never had, Captain Stapley.

Also, there's a look at Biggles, Tina Turner makes an appearance in the Pleasure Dome and Little Pete proves that he has turd magnets for hands as he pulls another shocker from Manilow's bag.

To enter the competition, please send answers to the question (what's in Paul's pocket) to

As we recorded this before episode 33 was released, the secret word will stay the same this time.


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Pharos Project 28: Cyberwoman Commentary

We done watching and talking!

The Three Projecteers present a commentary on the 1st season Torchwood episode "Cyberwoman". An episode specifically designed to excite the hidden pervert in us all.

Warning: This podcast contains the phrase "robotic humper".

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Pharos Project 27: Halloween Special

It's the Halloween Special.

The team take a look at the wonderful "Brain of Morbius", the Frankenstein story as viewed through the filter of Doctor Who.

Paul gets a new nickname (which has a completely innocent origin despite what it sounds like you dirty sod).

Barry Manilow delivers the contents of his evil sack.

All in all, the usual mix of banter, name calling and off topic discussions.

Happy Halloween everybody and remember, please don't have nightmares.


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Pharos Project 26: Roland Emmerich's Wet Dream

The projecteers investigate what happens at "The End of the World", only to find the ninth Doctor trying to impress a young girl.

Dirty boy.

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Pharos Project 24: Love and Monsters Commentary

As a bonus episode, we present our first stab at a commentary.

Paul and the Beastmaster attempt to talk all the way through the infamous series 2 episode "Love and Monsters".

Let us know if its any good, we have no idea. 

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Pharos Project 23: Catflaps Rose

Ah Rose, the episode that signalled the birth of nu Who.

It lit the eternal fire that is Who fandom under many a child's bum, re-lit that same fire in lapsed fans the world over and inspired geeks to embrace the podcast.

Now listen to us rip the shit out of it.

Happy days.

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Pharos Project 22: Fun at the Funeral Parlour

The much delayed episode 22 is finally here.

This time, we focus our attention on 6th Doctor story "Revelation of the Daleks".

Due to our ongoing inability to manipulate time, this podcast is going out almost raw. Only a light sprinkle of editing has been applied. So expect none of our usual fancy tricks and sweet sherries. Not that we really do those anyway, but still.

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Pharos Project 21: Half Human, My Arse

And so we come to the 96 TV movie. 

Note how we fail to get excited by this

Marvel at how it quickly descends into an argument.

Wonder at how many times Chris says "anyway", to drag us back on subject, and sounds more annoyed every time.

We all went off to play drunken Singstar after this, stay tuned for a couple of really awful clips of that afterwards.

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Pharos Project 20: Manimal Crackers

It's the Manimal special! This week we have a bumper news section. We give our mini reviews of "Scott Pilgrim vs the World" and "Monsters". But in the main event, we suckle at the teat of Manimal. Yes, we are still a Doctor Who podcast but we had a brilliant email from a listener that ties Manimal into the Whoniverse. Unfortunately we couldn't read it out because we lost it (please email it again and we'll read it next week).

WARNING: When we say skip on 1 minute to avoid a spoiler, best to make it 2.

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